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About Me

Hi! I'm Beckey. I am blessed to call Stratford Upon Avon, in England, my home. I was born in West London and grew up in the Midlands, but we moved to Stratford in 2005 and absolutely love it!


I have been married to my best friend, Paul since 2001 and we have two wonderful (most of the time) children; Lydia and Daniel. I am a Christian, and my faith shapes all that I am and everything that I do.

I love life and God, laughter, singing and being creative; but I also face daily battles with my health, including Fibromyalgia, CFS, Scoliosis, and

I won't bore you with the rest! 

I have always had a can-do attitude to life. The trouble is, that my brain still thinks I can do anything I want to... which apparently, it appears, I cannot - who knew?! I have a very full life and am trying to learn to get that in balance with looking after my health. I am really not very good at it yet, but I am willing to share my journey, and hopefully we can learn together. 

My background is quite eclectic; I trained initially as a youth worker, and studied at the University of Birmingham for my degree in Community and Youth Work. I have worked as a Youth Minister for several churches. But since my children came along and my health has worsened, I have run a small at-home business, re-trained as a cake decorator, and later became an exam invigilator. I have now had to give up paid work altogether, but I still keep busy when I am able, being a high school governor, running and maintaining a website, dabbling in graphic design and editing... oh, and being a wife and mum! 

Three years ago I realised the overwhelming need for a local support group for people with Fibromyalgia, so I put my community work experience to task and started one up. Stratford Fibro Friends grew much quicker and became much bigger than I had expected, and is now well established as the local FMAUK affiliated support group. 

The reason I called this blog 'Whispers from Beckey', is that, apart from the obvious, my maiden name is Voice, and when I was born my auntie referred to me as a little whisper, and it stuck! It became the name I used for my card making, and I thought it was appropriate for this little voice on the internet. 

I look forward to getting to know you. Please do comment, and subscribe to receive notifications of when new posts are published, and please do feel free to share my blog. Happy reading! :-)

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