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Brightening Up The Darkness

Hello! Today the sun is out and I feel so much brighter and energised! I haven’t written for a couple of weeks. There have been so many things to say but each time I have sat down to write I haven’t found the words. I think this lockdown has definitely been the hardest. Everyone I talk to seems to be struggling much more than before, and in our house the children have been really finding it tough to not be able to see their friends and be at school. I really do feel for the children; as adults we have had so much life before Covid that this pandemic, whilst huge, is something that we can compartmentalise. But for children, a whole year out of their lives is so huge that it has really taken over their life experiences. Our children have started to forget, even big things, that happened before lockdown. Some of their favourite memories have been forgotten and just replaced with the overwhelming memories of lockdown. So the other day we got out the photos of life pre-Covid, and we spent a couple of hours looking through them and talking about all the wonderful things we have done together. It was a lovely afternoon and seemed to really help us all actually.

The other thing I did the other week to try and combat lockdown blues, was on my birthday. Family kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and what I really wanted more than anything was to be with my friends and family again… so I did! I planned a party on Zoom, and it was absolutely wonderful! For nearly four hours on my birthday, friends and family joined me, popping on to Zoom for a few minutes here and there to chat and have some fun and laughs together. It really was just the best thing!

It was such fun, that I am now planning to have a Body Shop Party via Zoom this week, again with the intention being to gather people to have some fun and friendship and have an ‘evening out’, in. I am really excited about it; looking forward to seeing people and doing something different.

So, what have you been doing to keep your spirits up during this time? It definitely takes work and some thought, but when we are intentional about being positive it does work.

I’d love to hear what you have been up to. If you’re happy to share, leave your comments in the section below.

Until next time,

Big hugs,

Beckey x

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