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Here Goes...

Hi! I am a newbie to blogging, and this is my first post ever! So, why did I decide to do this, and why now? Well, it has been at the edge of my mind for a few years now. Quite a few people have suggested I blog as there is so much going on in my life and I love to talk. I started a vlog on YouTube a couple of years ago, but it has taken me somewhat longer to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as I ought to say!) However, last week I was in a homegroup meeting on Zoom and we were talking about sharing our story. I finally felt the push that the time was right to tell mine, or at least as much as I will be able to get in this blog!

I love people. I love to help people. I love to meet new people. I love getting to know people and making new friends. So, I hope you enjoy this blog and coming on this journey with me. Please do subscribe to get regular updates when I post, and let me get to know you too by using the comments section.

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